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"It occurred to me one day many years ago that I had music going through my head 24/7. I still get up in the middle of the night to put down ideas that just won't let me sleep."

David has been a song writer since he learned to play the guitar at age 12. With aspirations of being the next John Denver, an early influence, spent many hours a day writing songs and working on his guitar technique. Never one to be happy at just being an okay guitarist, he learned more difficult songs from the likes of Cat Stevens, Bruce Cockburn, and other accomplished singer-songwriters. "I began playing at the local coffeehouse on Sunday nights and made sure I had at least one new song each time." 

When I was 18, I left home for Vancouver and enrolled in the Jazz program at Capilano College(now a university). My world of music opened up tremendously and I new I wanted to create music more than ever. 

"I struggled with self promotion and never was able to get a foothold into the music business. I realized about 15 years ago that I don't really have the confidence to be a performer, so I decided to just write music and use the emerging social media platforms and online self publication platforms to get my music out there."

Dave has composed music for some indie film productions, produced an album of guitar instrumental music, and streams instrumental music on Spotify, and a various other streaming platforms.

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